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Our Advantage

Continuity and integrity of our program
The program was developed by our CEO & CIO Paul Mulvaney in the late 1990s and is still used today.
Back-tested against 16 years of data and with an 18 year track record, our program has a solid track record of results.

Unlike many other managed futures funds, we do not continually adjust our program.  Rather, we believe that the integrity of the program is important. This consistency over time means that there is no style drift and that investors can be assured that the program that produced our track record of results in the past is the same one that will be used going forward.
Trend following
As trend followers, we believe that markets are not always efficient, but prices sometimes gradually adjust to fundamentals over time.

Using our broadly diversified strategy, we are able to capture these long-term trends in a wide range of markets, including commodities, currencies, and interest rates.

Designed to deliver absolute returns, our program uses stop losses to limit the downside but never sets any profit targets so that the potential upside of profitable trends is unlimited.
Trading without human emotions
Our program is fully systematic with no discretionary intervention. Our approach uses technical analysis to focus on what is actually happening to price movements rather than trying to predict future prices.

We believe it is essential to avoid any emotional bias in trading decisions to be successful in trend following over the long-term.
Broad and effective diversification
Our program provides effective diversification into a broad range of sectors including metals, energy, crops, livestock, currencies, interest rates and stock indices.

Because of the size of our program, we can gain a significant portfolio impact from the smaller commodity futures markets, such as orange juice, which may not be achievable by multi-billion dollar funds. This effective diversification provides a distinct advantage to investors.
Long-term perspective
Unlike most competitors, we take a long-term approach to capturing trends. On average our program holds positions for six months, a strategy designed to avoid trading on random "noise" while long-term trends develop.  In addition, the low frequency of trading helps to minimise transactions costs.  By reducing the likelihood of being shaken out of long-term trends by short-term fluctuations, we believe that we can "harness" volatility to enhance absolute returns for investors.
Transparency and liquidity
We only invest in exchange-traded futures contracts linked to commodities, currencies, and other financial assets.  We do not invest in any OTC derivatives.

We provide transparency to investors.  Clients have access to independently verified daily performance reports.

We also provide superior liquidity with daily or monthly redemption periods, depending on how the client decides to participate.  We have never imposed "gates" to suspend redemptions from our program.